College Ministry

Calling all college students: We are a covenant community, making disciples who light the world. Want to learn how to light your campus? Come learn, study, and grow with us! 

College Group 8-week Fall Study

We are excited to participate with the rest of the church in the For the Life of the World  ("FLOW") Fall Study Series! Starting Sept 11, the college small group will be meeting at the Nicks' house on Sundays to learn about how our faith is for the life of our campuses! 

The study is only 8 weeks long. It's not a huge commitment, so this is a great way to dip your toes into our college ministry.

Please RSVP for the kickoff on Sept 11:

Kickoff location, details, and RSVP here




Mark and Brandy Nicks lead the College Small Group. 
Mark /// 615-519-9370    Brandy /// 615-964-8127