Baptism is one’s public identification with God’s covenant family, the church. For an adult, it is the public declaration of faith in Jesus Christ. For both adults and children, it is a sacred event in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and a covenant before God with His church. We believe baptism is cause for joyful celebration in the life of our church family.

Jesus’ Baptism & the First Christians

Jesus Himself modeled baptism for us in the book of Matthew, as a ritual of purification common to the times. The early church used baptism as an act of committing yourself or your child to the Lord, relying on the grace of God’s instruction, and a covenant bond with the Body of Christ (the church). We see this occur throughout the book of Acts (eight instances, in fact!).

Our Covenant

March 8, 2015 | Dr. David Swanson | Matthew 3:13-17

As a community in covenant relationship with one another, baptism signifies the church’s commitment to include someone in the family of faith, nurture their spiritual growth, support them with love and grace, and hold them accountable to the truths explained to us through God’s Word (the Bible). For infants, the church commits to present the Gospel and pray for that day when they hopefully confess faith in Jesus.

To schedule a baptism or learn more about who might be baptized in our church family, email Grace Whitlow or call her at 407.423.3441, x1451.

Older children are encouraged to participate in our annual Confirmation Class, and can be baptized at that time, after a confession of faith in Jesus Christ. If you have questions about Confirmation, email Sarah Savage or call her at 407.423.3441, x1490.

Join the Family

There is a place for you in this church family as you grow in your relationship with God. If you want to further explore faith in Jesus and have questions, email  Pastor Case Thorp.

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