Why We Give

Being a part of God’s story at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando means investing fully in His work here: connecting with the church family in covenant community, becoming a disciple who lights the world, and joyfully giving in response to God’s generosity towards us.

Finding Freedom

God cares about cultivating generosity among His people.

He wants us to experience the excitement and joy of responding to Him and blessing others with what we have. Giving isn’t about being obligated to the offering plate. God rejoices when we give - and uses it to teach us about Himself, His church and how He intends to meet the desperate need in this world. 

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Giving Ourselves Away

God doesn’t need your money. Think about it: He made your molecules. Why would a God that big want your pennies? 

So if He doesn’t need your money, why does Jesus talk about money so much? Because God knew it would be a sticking point, a place where we’d struggle to live out real obedience as His followers. So that’s often where we start as givers: money. You might have heard the word “tithe” used in relationship to giving at church; tithe is a Biblical concept that means “tenth.” It’s actually a mandate for giving 10% of your income to God’s work, and obedience to this command of God can be difficult.

We treasure our earthly things because it’s easy to believe they are the source of our security. But, as we grow as disciples, our generosity eventually becomes an expression of our ultimate security in Jesus, the generous One.

As you prayerfully grow as a disciple, you may not be able to leap to 10% in one year. Tithing, like many spiritual disciplines, is often something you grow into. If you gave 2% this year, aim for 4% next year. Make adjustments in your spending until you can reach a full measure of obedience to God. Be careful not to lose your joy in generosity because of legalistic pursuit. Make Him a sacrificial gift, and He will surely rejoice in it along with you! It is your heart that He wants the most.

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