Short-Term Mission Trips

Going on a short-term mission trip is one of the ways we invest in God’s kingdom in another community. These trips are one of the best ways to step into a new environment and culture, and see people for who they really are: God’s image-bearers. It’s an opportunity to see the global church at work, begin to identify with those in need, and understand how God might be calling you to use your gifts and talents. We are sensitive to meet our partners’ expressed needs and avoid the trap of “ministry tourism.” It’s about them, not us.

Mission Trip with Mission Emanuel in the Dominican Republic


Each summer, First Pres works under the leadership of strategic partner Mission Emanuel in the community of Cielo, Dominican Republic. We gather for the short flight to Santo Domingo, and spend a week building houses and relationships. The team is typically comprised of 50 or more people, and we’ve found this is a great first-time experience for many individuals, families and small groups.

Mission Team to Madagascar


First Pres is committed to creating sustainable partnerships in Madagascar. We have an ongoing partnership with The Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM), which has over 5,000 churches throughout the country. We partner in several ways, including our Biblical Entrepreneurship Initiative, which trains new and existing entrepreneurs who are starting Kingdom businesses. Under the church's leadership, we also work with a girl's vocational school that serves teen girls at risk of abuse and trafficking, and the Topaza orphanage. Dan and Elizabeth Turk, our missionaries, work with FJKM in the areas of agriculture and healthcare.

This summer, we'll meet some of the new Malagasy Biblical Entrepreneurs, put on a fun fair for Topaza orphanage and a rural village, do some practical work projects at the girl's school, provide a short retreat for the girls, engage and worship alongside our friends with the FJKM, and learn about ways our church family can continue to grow in supporting social entrepreneurship in Madagascar.

For more information about going on a future trip, email Carol Hafer.