Faith without serving is dead. Jesus’ brother said that. (He had unique first-hand experience, wouldn't you say?) Our faith is lived out by serving others: the lost, hurting, suffering, lonely or those in need. 

We believe God sent His Son, Jesus, to reclaim a broken world for good. God sent His Spirit to ignite His compassion in each of us. And now God sends each of us in His church to love and humbly serve others. To fully participate in His example, and grow in relationship with Him, we go out to show the same radical love.

Serve Now

Looking for a tangible way to serve right now? Find a spot to build relationships by offering your time, gifts and compassion. 

Ways to Serve

Mission Partners

We focus on 10 strategic partnerships in the city and around the world where we invest in people and communities.

Our Partners


First Pres supports a variety of individuals who are serving in God’s mission locally and around the world.

Our Missionaries

Short-Term Mission Trips

Each year we send out ambassadors from First Pres to serve globally. Are you one of them?

2017 Trips

Heart of the City Foundation

For more than 30 years, Heart of the City Foundation (HOCF) has been supporting the ministries of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, as well as other like-minded partners throughout the city and around the globe. By encouraging generosity among God’s people, HOCF is committed to seamlessly balancing vital resources with ministry needs – all for the glory of God.

About HOCF

Work at First Pres

Our staff works to equip and encourage thousands of missionaries to the city of Orlando: our members. 

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