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We believe the journey of discipleship leads to transformation. We are transformed by Jesus, as we seek to follow Him in our daily rhythms of life. Our minds, actions, and relationship are transformed. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started.

Discipleship Journey Assessment

Where are you on the journey? Discover your place in the journey and your next best step.


Place in the Journey:
The Trailhead

A skeptic or seeker, you are just beginning your faith journey. Maybe you’ve professed faith in Jesus or you’re not quite there; but you’re open to spiritual direction and guidance for next steps in growing in your relationship with God.


Place in the Journey:
On the Trail

A believer who has moved past the trailhead, you’re progressing in your faith. You’re equipped with the essentials, and actively seeking ways to grow in your relationship with God. 


Place in the Journey:
Beyond the Mountains & Valleys

You’re equipped for your journey, and looking for ways to guide and equip others along the way. You’ve embraced the Great Commandments and Great Commission, and find opportunities to express joy or peace, regardless of your circumstances.