We believe that Jesus Christ is the lynch pin of human history. Time is even split between two periods - what happened before Jesus (BC) and what happened after He came (AD).

Therefore, everything about our church is centered in the person and work of God revealed in and through His Son, and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We believe Jesus was God, born on Earth, to rescue us from sin and death. His brief ministry in what is now Israel and Jordan was His example for how we are to live. Because He loved people, He allowed Himself to be sentenced to death by crucifixion, which allows us to reconcile with God.

Though we are sinful, Jesus’ sacrifice makes it possible for us to escape the consequence of death to which we are born. Jesus’ miraculous resurrection from the dead was the turning point of God’s redeeming plan for humanity, and His invitation to each of us to everlasting life in His presence.

Living the Unbelievable

Stay with us. Lots of extraordinary ideas sound unusual when you first hear them: the earth is round; stars are just light from hundreds of years ago; our bodies are made up of tiny invisible molecules.

Amazingly, proof of God’s unbelievable truth is in our lives. Each of us has been personally transformed by relationship with Jesus through the presence of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

Jesus has waded into the evil, selfishness, and sin that has marred each of us, and has restored us to a relationship with God and each other. Furthermore, Jesus empowers us to be a people who light the world with truth and share his radical, sacrificial love with others.

If you would like to know more about what it means to place your trust in God through Jesus Christ email Pastor Case Thorp today.

For more specifics on what we believe, please read our Statement of Faith.

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