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Come Thou Fount

Come Thou fount of ev'ry blessing
Tune my heart to sing Thy grace
Streams of mercy never ceasing
Call for songs of loudest praise
Teach me some melodious sonnet
Sung by flaming tongues above
Praise the mount I'm fixed upon it
Mount of Thy redeeming love

Here I raise mine Ebenezer
Hither by Thy help I'm come
And I hope by Thy good pleasure
Safely to arrive at home
Jesus sought me when a stranger
Wand'ring from the fold of God
He to rescue me from danger
Interposed His precious blood

O to grace how great a debtor
Daily I'm constrained to be
Let Thy grace Lord like a fetter
Bind my wand'ring heart to Thee
Prone to wander Lord I feel it
Prone to leave the God I love
Here's my heart Lord take and seal it
Seal it for Thy courts above




The Three

Inspired by C.S. Lewis’ “The Three” from Mere Christianity

Hosanna to the risen one
Who's given us new life
Who's ripped the sting of death away
His blood has paid our price
Jesus Christ our faithful shepherd
Guide us through joy and pain
Root in us our identity
That's built on your great name

Come Holy Spirit hover here
As you did at the start  
Creating life in formless void
Inspiring broken hearts  
Oh come Spirit with revival
Overwhelm our lives now
Interceding on our behalf
Before the King we bow

King of Heaven who wields the throne
Watching your will unfold
Sending us redemption through Christ
The Truth that makes us bold
A downpour of grace on us fall
Wanderers from the path
We celebrate your risen gift
Who for us bore your wrath 

Praise the Father, Spirit, Son
Our Holy King God three in one


All Hail The Power of Jesus’ Name

All hail the power of Jesus’ name
Let angels prostrate fall
Bring forth the royal diadem
And crown Him Lord of all
Bring forth the royal diadem
And crown Him Lord of all 

Ye chosen seed of Israel’s race
Ye ransomed from the fall
Hail him who saves you by His grace
And crown Him Lord of all
Hail him who saves you by His grace
And crown Him Lord of all

There’s mercy (healing, life, forgiveness, redemption, love, power) in the name
Mercy (healing, life, forgiveness, redemption, love, power) in the name of Jesus 

O that with yonder sacred throng
We at his feet may fall
We’ll join the everlasting song
And crown Him Lord of all
We’ll join the everlasting song
And crown Him Lord of all

Every Nation

Inspired by Revelation 5

Worthy to our God who took the scroll
Broken its seal because Christ made us whole
and with his blood he purchased for The Lord
The hearts of the redeemed and we revel in our reward 

Every nation, every tribe, and priest
come glorify the risen King
we worship Christ the Lord
(Lift your head from the depths of defeat
Fix your gaze upon victory
we worship Christ the Lord)

Worthy is the Lamb who for me died
A multitude of worshippers now cry
To him be all power, glory, and praise
We’re casting down our crowns in reverence of your great name

Praise and honor glory power
To your savior sing
Holy (worthy) we cry holy to the king



Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

By influence of Light divine
Let thy own light to others shine.
Reflect all Heaven’s propitious ways
In ardent love, and cheerful praise.

There’s no greater foundation than this
No purer love and righteousness
No height to high or depth to low
he’s with us as we go 

Wake, and lift up thyself, my heart,
And with the angels bear thy part,
Who all night long unwearied sing
High praise to the eternal King.

Lord, I my vows to Thee renew;
Disperse my sins as morning dew.
Guard my first springs of thought and will,
And with Thyself my spirit fill.

Direct, control, suggest, this day,
All I design, or do, or say,
That all my powers, with all their might,
In Thy sole glory may unite.


Inspired by the story of Lazarus (John 11:38-44)

All consuming fire come fall
Destroy the foundation of my heart’s walls
I lay down my old self
Rebuild a heart that is clean
Renew your your spirit within me
For you won’t cast me away

I can feel this rebirth happening inside
I’ve been broken down, rebuilt, and feel alive

Holy Spirit come make a way
Your ransomed children won’t delay
To sow seeds of good news
God empower us in spite of sin
That your radiant light would glow within
And bring your kingdom 

From God through Christ miracles flow
So take off your grave clothes you’re let go
You’re free and if you believe you will see the glory of God



Blessed Assurance

Blessed assurance Jesus is mine
O what a foretaste of glory divine
Heir of salvation purchase of God
Born of His Spirit washed in His blood 

This is my story this is my song
Praising my savior all the day long
This is my story this is my song
Praising my savior all the day long 

Perfect submission perfect delight
Visions of rapture now burst on my sight
Angels descending bring from above
Echoes of mercy whispers of love

Perfect submission all is at rest
I in my Savior am happy and blessed
Watching and waiting looking above
Filled with his goodness lost in his love 

Jesus you reign in victory
Rescuing, cleansing, pardoning
Mercy and grace is flowing down
Replacing depravity with crowns 


Your kingdom come Your will be done
The focus of my life, in all I do, is you being glorified
You have my full attention my heart longs for direction
God, I’m eager to wait and listen

I’m yours
I’m yours
I’m yours
I’m yours

I’ll die to self and live for no one else
I’ll serve you patiently with honor, love, and passion, and integrity
You have my full attention my heart longs for direction
God, I’m eager to wait and listen

Lay down my life
As a living sacrifice for you Jesus 



Inspired by YOU, First Pres & Philippians 2

My heart’s been rescued by Christ the King
Redemption and victory are the songs I sing
He’s vanquished the power of death and sin
And he’s calling this wretch to enter in 

So stand firm in truth
Know he loves you
Confess what you believe
For he’s The Christ
And he’s paid the price in blood
I feel grace washing over me

So celebrate for he has come
God of old our hearts have just begun
To live a life that radiates The Christ
He has saved us from selfish ambition 


My soul screams to a perfect king
who’s sent Christ for humanity
Lord hear the resonation of your marvelous creation
Exalting you as God over every living thing

We’re free from the bondage of our chains
And alive for his death was our great gain 

Your love came down from on high and saved us
The Christ has come and His cross has raised us
From the pit of defeat, and guilt, and shame
And in you I am a new creation
Amazing grace is my declaration
You bought my soul with your life, washed all my stains
And you’ve given me a brand new name 

Sons and daughters robed in righteousness
Point your praise to the King
Oh prince and princess  
Here’s your inheritance
For all eternity