We’re listening! As we’ve rolled out our core values and strategic priorities, you may have questions or feedback. We welcome you to send those our way.

We have a team dedicated to listening to your feedback and answering your questions during this season.


In 2017, almost 900 people from our congregation completed a survey conducted by TAG Consulting firm, specifically designed to assess our health as a church.

We had a number of strengths, but participants highlighted specific challenges:

Members communicated a lack of understanding of the church’s vision.
Members struggle to feel connected, and difficulty building relationships at church.
Members did not experience ownership of ministry work / were not fully equipped for ministry work.

Our church’s new vision is a direct result of these responses, prayer, and discernment on the part of our church leaders (elders, pastors, and staff).


We’ve finalized Core Values, which are the things about our identity that are always going to be true. They are “who we are right now.” They are: Truth, The City, Church Family, Generational Faithfulness, Relentless Generosity and Our Best. (See more below.)

We’ve finalized our strategic priorities - so those are the 3-5 year goals we’ll focus on. These are what we’re focused on for a season, and are more aspirational than the values. They are “where we are going.”

They are:

  • We create a culture of engagement where our actions preserve our values.

  • We cultivate relationships of radical affection and accountability with one another.

  • We strengthen and prepare each other to live missionally in family, vocation and neighborhoods.


Be loved / love the city
Know truth / live truth

MARCH 2019 | Senior Pastor Dr. David Swanson answers frequently asked questions.


NOVEMBER 2018 | Dr. David Swanson shares an update in the Columns Magazine.


As we continue in our church vision process, we want to make sure you, our church family, stays involved in the discernment process. You may have seen the recent vision video and updates online; we'll share more of those in the months to come, as well as different forums and spaces to gather your feedback.

One of those was a Facebook Live Q&A session on Thursday, October 25 with David Swanson. He shared a vision update and answered your questions live.

SEPTEMBER 2018 | Senior Pastor Dr. David Swanson shares about the past, present and future at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, how we can prayerfully embrace change together, and discerning God's unique vision for our church in this city.

AUGUST 2018 | Dr. David Swanson shares an update in the Columns Magazine.

MAY 2018 | Our leadership team shares your responses to our 2017 church-wide survey.

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