2018 church vision updates

Vision Updates

OCTOBER 2018 | As we continue in our church vision process, we want to make sure you, our church family, stays involved in the discernment process. You may have seen the recent vision video and updates online; we'll share more of those in the months to come, as well as different forums and spaces to gather your feedback.

One of those was a Facebook Live Q&A session on Thursday, October 25 with David Swanson. He shared a vision update and answered your questions live.

SEPTEMBER 2018 | Senior Pastor Dr. David Swanson shares about the past, present and future at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, how we can prayerfully embrace change together, and discerning God's unique vision for our church in this city.

AUGUST 2018 | Dr. David Swanson shares an update in the Columns Magazine.

MAY 2018 | Our leadership team shares your responses to our 2017 church-wide survey.

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