We are followers of Jesus Christ.

We believe it is the unique call of the church to teach people how to be like Jesus, also known as discipleship. We are committed to sharing the truth of Jesus Christ with others, inviting them into relationship with him, and helping each individual grow as the person God created them to be.


We were designed for worship. We’ve discovered it’s easy to inadvertently worship the important things in our life: security, money, work, relationships, people or even unhealthy habits. But God designed us to worship only Him, and reflect His light to the world.  

As a church family, we are committed to gathering together to worship God. In doing so, we acknowledge our covenant relationship with God and one another, and respond with gratitude to Jesus Christ.


Following Jesus is not easy. But it is for the faint of heart just as much as the fearless; for the weak as much as the strong. In the Bible, Jesus often called the sinners and the losers to follow after Him, just as He called the powerful and the pious. Jesus lived life with those who followed Him and sought to be like Him, offering life and heaven in exchange for death to self. He transformed their lives to such a degree that His message is still transforming lives for good, thousands of years later.

Discipleship, or teaching others how to follow Jesus, is at the core of our ministry. Following Jesus is a lifelong process of becoming more obedient to His authority and nurture in our lives. We exist to share the message of Jesus’ love and redemption, and to challenge believers to live for Christ and not for themselves. 

Preparing and Giving Your Testimony

Covenant Community

When we become part of a church family, we enter into a unique relationship with God and one another. As people of God, under His Lordship, we commit to care for one another and share life together, support one another as we learn to follow Jesus, give generously to support ministry, and serve humbly, both inside and outside the church.


We are committed to being a praying church, yielding daily to the Spirit of God in our lives. Seeking God’s heart through frequent and fervent prayer is a joy, not a burden. Amen.

The City

First Presbyterian Church of Orlando is committed to sharing God’s love and serving humbly, especially in the downtown community. As a church whose story is deeply rooted in the City Beautiful, we seek to nurture her people and help shape the culture of this diverse and growing neighborhood for Jesus.