First Pres Communications encompasses the complete collaborative efforts of promotion, marketing, public relations, Web, and creative services for the church. Our job is to clearly communicate the events and messages of the church on an ongoing basis.

It is important that this message be aligned with the Church’s mission to equip a covenant community, making disciples who light the world. 

This site is intended as a portal to guidelines and tools that will allow you to support First Pres brand in your ministry area.



Templates & Time Crunches

If you find you're short on time, let us know. We usually won't add a last-minute project to the production schedule. (We can't make a last minute postcard for you and ignore other people's projects in the process. Mean.) However, we will help you find creative alternatives or provide design templates for you.

Remember: designing promotional pieces yourself makes everyone sad.
We work hard to create continuity around the First Pres look and brand, and to communicate effectively. It's our job, and we love doing it. If you do our work for us, how can we do our jobs? (And how can you do yours? ) If you or volunteer creates a promotional piece for your ministry area and going out for public consumption, you will need to submit it to Communications for review. And if it's ugly, you'll have to remake it. 'Thems the rules.

If you have a piece you use a lot, we'd love to create a dazzling template for you. Just let us know. 

When creating printed materials or email for your ministry area, ask yourself: is it promotional? 

If it's information going to your committee, leadership team, volunteers or current participants, you run the show. If it's information going out to promote anything, it probably falls under Communications. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but it always helps to check in with us. We even have resources and tools that could dramatically improve your workload. 


If you have changes or additions for the website, please submit them using the Communications Request FormDepending on our workflow, updates can take up to 2 weeks.

Columns Magazine

We publish the Columns magazine quarterly. February, May, August & November.
Because of that, it's not usually the best place for promotional news.
The magazine is a great place for content that will equip our congregation for discipleship, prayer, covenant community, generosity, service or worship. Remember that we love stories or ideas where two or more ministries are working together- and information that has shelf-life for study, devotion and encouragement.

We also love helping come up with content ideas to feature your ministry area. 

Columns Deadlines 2016

Summer Columns (May): March 25, 2016
Fall Columns (Aug): June 24, 2016
Winter Columns (Nov): September 30, 2016


Guidelines for Submissions  

  1. Email your Word document to Paige Ragan & copy Carla Shehane.
  2. Remember, not everything you submit is guaranteed to be published.
  3. Keep the word count at 50-300 words. Transformational stories from individuals should be no more than 500 words. (Ecclesiastes 6:11)
  4. Proof it. (We really don’t know everyone’s name and favorite color.) We edit the tar out of everything, but we'll always try honor your original intent. 
  5. Please focus the article on equipping and teaching our congregation. Be sure to include a next step for the reader at the end.
  6. Please include a title for the article, author’s name, ministry, and/or member, student, information. It may change, but this will help us know your intent.
  7.  Please be sure that artwork and pictures are high resolution files of at least 1MB. All artwork and photos are subject to editorial review for usability. Please include the names of those who have submitted the photos. If you don’t, we will make up a name.

The Care & Feeding of Our Brand

Even if you don't particularly care about branding, that's okay. We'll still be your friend. 

We do care about branding. And so does our congregation. Think about it: how many people will buy Coke over Publix Cola? Tide over Target Brand Detergent? iPhones over...almost every other less expensive option?

Yes, sometimes branding can be about consumerism and products. But in our case, it's an important component of building visual trust and consistency with our church family and Orlando. Consistent branding helps us to look more intentional and unified as a staff - as well as helping people know a piece is officially from the church. A brand also can be a helpful in building an emotional connection and relationship to the church... but only if we use it.

Logos, typestyles, colors, images and language are all important elements of a brand. If you need any of these elements to give your materials a more "official" feel, we can help.