We are all in this together. 

You are here, learning and being taught, caring and being cared for, leading and being discipled because someone else was here before you - because that person was faithful to God’s vision for this city, and for you.

Now, God is inviting you to do the same. For someone else. For yourself. For this city. For His Kingdom.

We are almost to our goal. Your financial investment in ARISE AND BUILD over the next year will allow this church and others around the world to continue to grow.


  1. Pray about God's vision for this church family and your place in it.

  2. Ask God what your commitment to ARISE AND BUILD will look like, in addition to your regular tithe.

  3. Trust that God will reveal your next steps.

  4. Bring your Commitment Card, mail it to the church with your gift, or give online.

Download a Commitment Card (PDF)

Mail Your Commitment Card
Attn: Finance Office
106 E. Church Street, Orlando FL 32801

Ways to Give

Please make sure to specify that your gift is for ARISE AND BUILD.
You can give cash, online by recurring credit card, ACH (automatic withdrawals from your bank account), mobile giving, or by check. Alternatives to cash donations have ranged from gifts of appreciated stock and real estate trusts, to specific items like cars. Please contact our Director of Finance, Tom Levesque at 407.423.3441 for more information about non-cash gifts.

If you're already signed up for Offering Envelopes, you'll get special ARISE AND BUILD envelopes in your stack. If you're not getting Offering Envelopes now but you think they're cool and want to get your very own with your name printed on them, email Trish Wilson.

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