Support Groups at First Pres

We’re called to care for those in our church family and community who are hurting or wounded. First Pres offers many support groups, with people willing to pray with you, and for you, during overwhelming and often unfair life circumstances.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of care, call Maddy Vilar at 407.423.3441 x1159, or email

Other support and care ministries include Stephen Ministry, TeleCare, Deacon Bereavement Care and the Intercessory Prayer Team. Visit for further details. 

Widow’s Support Group

This is a place where widows can come to be seen and heard, to learn and to lean, to absolve and be absolved, to strengthen and be strengthened.

Through the timeless lens of Scripture, A Widow’s Workbook is focused on issues relevant to widows, including: loving and losing, coping skills, individual grieving processes, developing an attitude of appreciation, giving back, and life and love in the future. You are not alone in this walk. 

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Divorce Care/Divorce Care for Kids

Provides a structured support program to help adults and children learn to cope with changes and heal the hurt caused by divorce or separation.

Divorce Care is a 14-week support group and seminar conducted by people who will offer you encouragement and wise counsel as you seek healing and balance in your life. DC4K is offered to children (ages 5-12) in tandem with the adult program. 

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Walking the Mourner’s Path 

Walking the Mourner’s Path is a Christ-centered, 8-week, non-denominational grief program for both men and women. The classes consist of a series of lessons built on the stages of grieving from denial to acceptance.  A member of the clergy is present at all sessions, which are led by two trained bereavement facilitators. The purpose of the support group and program is to transform grief into joyful living. Walking the Mourner’s Path offers the outstretched hand of Christ, inviting those who have felt the intensity of grief to come into our Lord’s loving presence and experience the abundance of His tender mercies. 

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Women’s Cancer 

A comforting place for women to come and share, compare notes, and get the information and help that they need while dealing with cancer. Each meeting is planned to educate and encourage women of all ages and stages of cancer. Speakers are brought in from the church and community to share their knowledge and experience. The group offers a safe place to honor your courage, give love and support, and share your journey with hope, healing, and God’s power. Ongoing - meeting the 3rd Wednesday of each month over lunch.

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Infertility Support

The group seeks to provide a place where others can hear stories of hope and encouragement, receive relevant information and resources on infertility and adoption. And most importantly, be surrounded by a body of Christians to listen and support them as they wrestle with this all too common problem. Led by licensed counselors, who are a couple that personally experienced the challenges of infertility, this group meets monthly.


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Women’s Sexual Abuse Recovery

A journey of healing is offered to women affected by sexual abuse. A place of safety and security, support and study, prayer and encouragement as women face the pain of childhood sexual abuse together. 

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Abortion Recovery

There are many factors which may have influenced the decision to abort a child, it is often a painful and even heartbreaking decision. The wounds of the heart may not yet have healed. Abortion Recovery seeks to encourage those affected by abortion related issues by offering Bible Study and support, offering hope, love and forgiveness. 

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