Founded in 1994, MusikGarten is an internationally known, preeminent early childhood music program available to children ages birth through 9 years old.

Benefits of MusikGarten

MusikGarten curriculum offers a scope and sequence 10-year plan for each child from birth, all the way to 9-years-old. There is also an adult keyboard curriculum!

All classes are age- and developmentally-appropriate and contain singing, moving, playing instruments, and listening. The take-home materials–CD, music book, instrument/prop–provide tools for parents to reinforce lessons from class for the whole family to enjoy! MusikGarten teachers go through extensive 17- and 34-hour trainings.

Children gain many benefits by taking part in this music and movement program, including musical, physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth. Some consider it to be “life preparation” wrapped in a fun package!


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We offer sessions during the Fall, Spring, and Summer. For more information, contact Stephanie Rivera, or 407-423-3441 x1186.